Services: Roof Replacement

Even the highest quality roof has a limited life-span. Re-roofing and retrofit roofing are necessary elements to help keep your assets safe. With Nortex Roofing we can make this experience an enjoyable one.

Roof Replacement.jpg

Full roof replacement involves tearing off the roof to the deck and installing a new system. Retrofit roofing requires replacing any wet or deteriorated roof sections and going over top of the existing roof with a new roof system. Both of these options are used when further roof repairs and maintenance prove to be futile.

This work can prove to be a challenge due to the fact that a vast majority of buildings under this type of work are occupied and fully functional. At Nortex we take this into account and make this aspect a high priority in our construction schedules and safety plans. Our goal is to make roof rehabilitation and replacement a simple and easy experience for our clients.