Services: Overview

Since being founded in 1991, Nortex Roofing Ltd. has become one of the leading roofing contractors in Southern Ontario. We specialize in Industrial, Institutional and Commercial projects of any size and complexity.

services overview

With a wide range of services we have become trusted and respected by the clients we serve. Our client portfolio includes property management firms, Federal, Provincial and Municipal institutions, General Contactors, and Property Owners, all of which have relied on our quality and dependable services for years.

Our services include Roof replacement, New construction, Maintenance and Environmental programs.

With our experience and certified personnel we will provide you with the quality roofing services that you deserve.

Committed to the Environment

services overview environment

Nortex Roofing is dedicated to providing roofing services that take into account environmental responsibility. In times of heightened environmental awareness Nortex Roofing takes pride in striving to further develop our practices so that they may be more sustainable and respectful of our ecosystem.

At Nortex Roofing we do everything to understand the needs and requirements of environmental sensitivity. At the end of each workday we do not forget that we have to preserve our planet for future generations.