We have been providing our services for over 25 years and the quality of our work speaks for itself. Here we have selected a few feature projects that we are especially proud of having had the opportunity to work on.


Honda Canada Campus
Markham, Ontario

Product: Ultra-violet resistant PVC
Market segment: Commercial


CBC Building Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Product: Inverted Single-ply Cold Applied Roofing System
Market segment: Institutional

ministry of environment

Ontario Ministry of Environment
Markham, Ontario

Product: Built-up roof assembly with energy efficient and solar reflective surface
Market segment: Institutional

ontario science centre

Ontario Science Centre
Toronto, Ontario

Product: Green Roof / Cold Applied Single-Ply Membrane Assembly
Market segment: Institutional

south lake regional cancer centre

South Lake Regional Cancer Centre
Newmarket, Ontario

Product: Green Roof / Cold Applied Single-Ply Membrane Assembly
Market segment: Institutional

The Nortex Process

We have developed our services to fit our clients' needs. We have an RCI certified Roof Observer who can fully quantify and assess your roof. Along with our roofing specialist establish a plan that will provide you with the roofing service you will need, whether it is a full roof replacement or a comprehensive maintenance and care program.

Nortex Quality Assurance

We are committed to ensuring that the roof you have over your head is of the highest quality. Our experienced staff knows what needs to be done to ensure that this pledge is kept. Our main services include:

  • Roof replacement
  • New construction
  • Maintenance

With our team of trained professionals we can guarantee that a roof done by Nortex is one of the highest quality.

Nortex and the Environment

We are committed to having a minimal environmental impact on our surroundings. We have been applying not only environmental technologies on rooftops but also we have been implementing many eco-friendly initiatives in our everyday operations. These include:

  • Construction waste recycling
  • Employee car-pooling
  • GPS navigation systems in order to find most
  • Efficient routes to jobs

At Nortex Roofing we do what we can to better understand the needs and requirements of environmental sensitivity in our times.