Affiliations & Suppliers

Nortex is a certified applicator of all conventional and non-conventional roofing products. Here we have listed organizations, manufacturers and suppliers with whom we are affiliated.

Our Suppliers

Our Manufacturers

Who We Are

With our 25 plus years in the Roofing Industry and having been members of a variety of accredited agencies. Our prime focus on quality assurance is designed to guarantee that a roof done by Nortex Roofing exceeds the minimum industry standards, and with each job we go the extra mile to provide a Clients with a leak free roof.

The Nortex Process

We have developed our services to fit our clients' needs. Our roofing specialist are able to establish a plan that will provide you with the roofing service you will need, whether it is a full roof replacement or a comprehensive maintenance and care program.

Nortex and the Environment

We are committed to having a minimal environmental impact on our surroundings. We have been applying not only environmental technologies on rooftops but also we have been implementing many eco-friendly initiatives in our everyday operations. These include:

• Construction waste recycling
• Employee car-pooling
• GPS navigation systems in order to find most
• efficient routes to jobs

At Nortex Roofing we do what we can to better understand the needs and requirements of environmental sensitivity in our times.